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I arrived at Agency Oasis in 2009 driving and administering projects to completion, on time and on budget.

I drove that company to acquisition by Rightpoint, a systems integration company based out of Chicago.  We diversified their offerings and expanded their footprint to a larger services & national footprint including Strategy and California; a service and geography I started from ground up.

I influence process and policy within Rightpoint targeting deadline driven procedures to meet the objectives of our clients.  My teams consists of well-versed and skilled interactive producers and client partners who dedicate themselves to the objectives and goals of each of our client’s projects.  In addition to overseeing several disciplines I act as a strategist and consultant with clients who require up front work, which influence the application of User Experience and the implementation of a technical solution.  I have managed several award winning teams and is most proud of my teams Sitecore Site of the Year award in 2011.

I started within in digital fifteen years ago having owned and operated a web design and develop shop of my own called Boston Shaker Media Design.  After disbanding that group I moved to Boston Interactive influencing long-term client relationships as well as helping grow core service offerings.

My interest with interactive began during my undergraduate career where I studied with Professor Sut Jhally and Professor Justin Lewis at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. There I focused on the philosophical abstraction of communication and cultural studies against modern advertising, marketing and the emergence of the internet.  After earning my BA in Communication, and at the behest of Professor Jhally, I continued my education by obtaining my Masters of Arts in Media Studies from New School University in New York City. In that program I applied Communication theory through practical methods with a focus on digital applications and the emergence of mass media messages through personal computing devices.

Supporting the community within the digital and interactive space is important to me.  As an assurance to myself and my colleagues that their work will continue to develop aggressively in the future, I hold a Faculty position with Emerson College teaching Masters Candidates during their matriculation.  Additionally I am a judge in the annual MITX Innovation as well as the MITX Interactive awards supporting the growth and adoption of best in breed practices and transforming ideas.

When not asserting progressive and creative concepts within Rightpoint I am reading books ranging from behavior and habit adjustment to biographies of technological icons.  As we know man cannot live on work alone and as such, both wine and motorcycles tend to be involved in my unwinding process; of course, you know, not in that order…

Professional Feedback

Scott Hamilton, Business Development Director, Rightpoint

Jason and I have been working together for a couple of years and in the same office for over a year. It’s his focused personal development and discipline that makes him such an effective Strategist. I remember the first time I heard Jason present a ‘point of view’ on Digital in front of the customer and was blown away by his ability to be conversational with his content. He sets people at ease and draws them to a place where they feel compelled to share and ask. In addition to being well thought-out and disciplined, he possesses that unique ability to hear customer questions, quickly understand and process the information and return a meaningful response to keep moving toward the customer’s business goals.
Jason does an awesome job of organizing and leading as well. As we put together proposals and various approaches in response to customer requests, he not only knows exactly where to find it or whom to ask but is able to quickly put together parts or create new from a blank slate. As for his leadership, when I joined LA in May’17, it was evident that he had the trust but also the authority of the team based on the elegantly balanced relationships he had established with each individual person on the team.

John Clifford, Sr. Director Marketing, Delaware North Parks & Resorts

I have had the pleasure of working with Jason on several high level website planning project. His insights and methods brought us through an number of critical phases in building a site design concept that our guests would value rather than something that fit our intuitive vision. He also worked with our team to complete the development. This was work on a very high volume attraction that required engagement with our government clients as well as may internal stakeholders. Jason was the glue that brought everyone together to build a consensus around the project with stellar results from the final product. I could not have been more please with his work and enjoyed learning from his insights throughout the project. I strongly recommend Jason to anyone who needs to rethink and re strategies their digital brand. You won’t be disappointed.

Jake DiMare, Digital Transformation Professional, Former Rightpoint direct report

I had the great fortune to work on Jason’s team when we relocated to Los Angeles from Boston to open the West Coast headquarters of Rightpoint (formerly Agency Oasis). Remarkably, during that time Jason also bootstrapped the agency’s all-new Digital Strategy practice.

As I got to know Jason, I witnessed him consistently demonstrate the core traits of his personality that make him an exceptional leader: Integrity, empathy, communication, confidence, and commitment. Jason has boundless energy and positivity, and these characteristics subtly encourage the most out of the people around him. I grew tremendously as a consultant and a leader because of my proximity to him.

Whether he is representing the agency as a frontline, revenue generating sales resource, building, and nurturing teams, or creating an honest and open culture of winning collaboratively, Jason is a genuine asset to his organization. I would be honored to serve with him again.