Understanding and Leveraging Google Action Links – an omni-channel approach

Interested in conversing about this? start this article as a conversation with Voicify on Google Assistant What it is Google Action Links is an exciting concept.  These links are URL’s that when clicked, direct the user to choose one of their Google Assistant connected devices to start a conversation. But more than start a conversation; it’s…

22 tips & tricks after 222k miles in the air

I wrote a post a while back about some travel tips I had collected as a ‘moderate’ traveler. Now, I feel I have been promoted to ‘experienced’ verging on expert.  Thought I would share a full cycle of learnings.  Some may seem remedial, but regardless they come together as a full package. And for context,…

Customer Experience (CX) is just Customer Service (duh)

I would have posted this on my other blog, SHAPING THE GAME, however it ended up becoming a bit colorful and not as prescriptive as STG editorial guidelines would like me to be. (So thanks ‘structure’ and ‘rules’ for ruining my good time).

Empathy is the new black

And by black I mean the color of the souls of everyone who are glued to their device (myself included).  In order to continue the evolution in our relationship with technology, organizations will need to deeply and holistically embrace empathy as the North Star for their business models, not just their marketing.