If you aren’t paying for something, you’re the product. Or your data is.

On September 3rd Michael Jordan walked to the center of the field at the onset of the University of Michigan’s first football game of the 2016 season. The eye-pleasing, ceremonial activities of (arguably) the world’s best basketball player overshadowed any discussion around the details of the contract which led to his honorary captain’s position.  The team…

Let us all agree: Support is not collaboration

Do you want me in a meeting? I’m there. Do you need my POV on something? I’ll offer it. (sometimes, ok most of the time, unsolicited) Do you want me to share something on email, social or make a phone call? Done.

Ignoring time management screws others- but mostly your reputation

I am writing this while I am waiting for a meeting to start where the organizer isn’t present. Let’s see how far I get. Communication is at the center of business. Emails, SMS, snaps, IM’s on any one of 10 different platforms, social media – they all tell other people things we are thinking. The…

A Retort Sir: Content management systems are NOT killing creativity

A colleague shared with me an article by Mark Gowland on Venture Beat claiming that “Content Management Systems are Killing Creativity” – a claim that on its face could seem, if not reasonable, then certainly plausible. There has been, with the heavy influence of technology, a sentiment among creatives that anything that begins with structure, is…

A retrospective of the Google micro-moment Kool-Aid | Customer Experience

If you aren’t aware of micro-moments, well, I’m not sure where you have been.  The concept is simple – identifying the touch points and desires of your customers and matching them with a feature, function, content or device which reduces their frustration, friction or at least matches their expectation.

Empathy is the new black

And by black I mean the color of the souls of everyone who are glued to their device (myself included).  In order to continue the evolution in our relationship with technology, organizations will need to deeply and holistically embrace empathy as the North Star for their business models, not just their marketing.

The Modern Consumer Creed – repeat after me

I am not sure why this hit me the other day.  I was riding through LA on the hog and came across uniformed Marines, holding their rifles.  I was reminded of Full Metal Jacket (?) where the Marine creed was made popular.