Podcast: I speak with the Concinnity Team about Voice and the Pandemic

Using Voice Technology To Create A Better Experience Survive & Thrive

Smart assistants are everywhere now — in things like lightbulbs, speakers, headphones, and mobile devices. As people have begun to embrace and experiment with all that voice technology has to offer to their daily lives, the need for custom solutions to create a better human experience has come with it. That’s where this episode’s guests come in.  On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, Jennifer is joined by Lisa Insley and Jason Fields. Lisa is a partner and expert in helping clients create a more compelling human experience at Concinnity while Jason is the chief strategy officer at Voicify. They talk about how the use of voice technology has boomed during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as why brands should begin considering services like Voicify to not only embrace it but to create engaging experiences for their customers. Act 1: Voicify Introduction of Lisa and Jason (1:31) Jennifer introduces this week’s two guests, Lisa Insley and Jason Fields, allowing them to touch on their backgrounds and experience. What is Voicify? (4:44) As Jason notes, Voicify is effectively just a content management system for smart speakers. It allows brands and businesses to create engaging conversation-based apps and customize their voice app to offer a more engaging customer experience. Jennifer explains how the Survive and Thrive podcast employs the service to be more engaging for users. Pre-COVID and personal growth (7:35) Jennifer talks to Jason about how his life looked before the COVID-19 pandemic and how it changed along the way. For Jason, it was that forced time of reflection that helped him discover new priorities.   Act 2: Getting used to voice technology and its benefits Transitioning during a crisis (11:14) Before the pandemic hit, Jason and his team had several exciting plans lined up, but that all changed in March. Jason talks about how the company made that transition as well as the importance of giving everyone — employees and clients — some time to breathe and collect themselves. Should you be using Voicify? (14:28) With the emergence of smartphones and smart speakers pairing with lockdown, more people than ever are engaging in some type of audio experience. While the growing interest in voice technology is one compelling reason for businesses to embrace it, Jason offers the logic behind using a service like Voicify to get started right now. Combatting people’s hesitancy to adopt new technology (19:06) Not everyone readily embraces new technology, especially when it’s still emerging. But Jason and Lisa explain why those uneasy to adopt voice solutions should reconsider. Where should you integrate voice? (23:22) As Jason notes, too many brands aren’t thinking about all the touchpoints they have with their customer base. He gives the roadmap for deciding which processes would be enhanced by using voice.   Act 3: The impact COVID has had on voice technology How COVID has impacted voice technology (25:31) As Jason points out, the growth of voice comes from a place of comfort. As more people have bought devices with smart assistants built in, the comfort level has grown along with it. People are now engaging with their smart speakers more than ever before, partially due to being locked in their homes from the pandemic. Is voice the future of search (27:51) Jennifer shares a story of a brand truly embracing voice and going beyond just the minimum to actually provide a service for their users. Now instead of having to search through the internet via their phones, users can find the information quickly and easily and are reminded of the company that helped them do it. Why people became motivated to use voice technology (31:08) The novelty of smart assistants has worn off thanks to people being at home during lockdown. Jason believes parents trying to manage…