Understanding and Leveraging Google Action Links – an omni-channel approach


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What it is

Google Action Links is an exciting concept.  These links are URL’s that when clicked, direct the user to choose one of their Google Assistant connected devices to start a conversation. But more than start a conversation; it’s starting a contextually relevant conversation.

Google Action Links are to Google Assistant what deep links are to a website.  Bypass the friction of unneeded steps, get to the content the user needs and wants.  The same objective can be met through one-shot invocation (a different subject all together), but Google Action Links allow you to bridge a conversation from most existing channels.

How it works

If you didn’t click on the link at the top of the article, consider the following. We have links on our website for each bio of our C-Suite you can simply click on a link to start the conversation.  The images below show how the flow progresses.

Does Voicify support it?

Of course! In fact, the managed utterances inside our UI makes it simple for marketers to create the links themselves without a dependency on IT or dev resources.

Where to use it

The short answer is anywhere a link is supported: websites, landing pages, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, emails, eNewsletters, SMS, support pages, FAQ listings and the list goes on and on.

The more interesting question is why will you use it!?  This question goes to the heart of how voice and Voicify will be used by your brand. Is it customer support or media distribution? Voice commerce or account management? Employee engagement or expanding marketing campaigns? Or maybe, just maybe your brand will use voice to expand the brand, to become part of the service layer or the product itself.  The opportunities are expansive and use cases aplenty.

Why it is important

There are several levels of value with this voice tactic.  Though not proven, one can safely assume that the more you use Google products the more aware their web search and voice search algorithms are aware of you.

Driving users to your voice experience increases usage (duh) and thus exposure to Google Assistant indexing and analytics on usage, not to mention a hopeful uptick in rating counts.

More concrete values abound in the following ways:

  1. Moving a user from one channel to another indicates strong interest and desire to interact
  2. Google Action Links act as a success metric for campaigns in other channels as the engagement with those interactions are tracked in Voicify Analytics
  3. Expand the contextual relevance and communication methods of your brands by engaging conversationally rather than simply a broadcast manner
  4. Voice Assistants offer you the ability to guide a user through a conversation thoughtfully versus a slew of visual links and navigation to traverse