‘Evolutionize’ Customer Engagement

This is where ‘Evolutionizing’ customer preferences come in.  A preference center is a straightforward way of exposing a customer record, or part of that record to the user. With modern technology and increased digital adoption by the general public, the ability to compile a customer record over time is easier than it has ever been.  We monitor their behavior and note significant actions. We listen to what they do with our brands, on our properties, with our social, and how they search on in our channels. What we need to do is iteratively infer meaning from those actions to build a customer profile schema that our business finds useful.

And then – share it! Communicate while it is happening.  When you date someone you are able to give verbal and nonverbal cues of understanding to your counterpart. In digital we don’t have that luxury.  We need to be more obvious with one another. There are hundreds of creative user interfaces we can build to realize this.  The process itself can adapt to the brand voice and personality yours have.  It doesn’t need to be a one size fits all strategy.

I honestly believe that over time the most respected & appreciated brands will share with their customers not only what they are collecting, but also how they supposed its meaning (this leads into a POV on privacy, which can be another post). Consider what companies like Acxiom are doing.  They allow consumers to look up their personal information and change the data as well as exclude it.  What’s more interesting, Acxiom isn’t a B2C company, they are a data company! Take a look at About the Data, an Acxiom Property.

The upside is tremendous, the downside is minimal.  Some marketers will be concerned with customers removing their data or reducing engagement.  So what?  They likely weren’t going to be receptive to your tactics anyhow.  Now you can focus on customers who actually want you to talk to them, and in ways they find meaningful!

Of course there are technical, infrastructure and operational considerations as well.  The idea of having digital weaved through all business units is not new, just a challenging.  The idea of ‘evolutionized’ preferences is a preparatory strategy for any evolving brand.

Is your brand Evolutionizing its customers preferences? Let us know how in the comments!